Dentron  has been manufacturing specialist medical devices and supplying them to the dental, podiatric, veterinary and acupuncture professions since 1989.

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Pride of place must go to the various versions of the Biogun, the world's first "electronic antibiotic" - a device which kills micro-organisms on all types of physiological tissue using a concentrated stream of electrically-charged air particles. This painless, non-contact method treats tooth decay (without drilling and filling), athlete's foot, fungal nails, foot ulcers, gum disease and many other conditions.

Another world first is a four-channel acupuncture stimulator which uses the technique of frequency modulation, giving the device its name of "FM". This method avoids the need to tune the stimulus precisely to particular conditions, and addresses a broad spectrum of ailments in one treatment.

A specialised continuous-wave TENS machine or electronic painkiller - the Painaway - an illuminated magnifier and an air purifier are also available.

"The new battery powered Biogun is a delight to use, so easy and light. I mostly use it for verrucas especially on children, as it is non-invasive. So with no discomfort they come back for another session."
AP, HPC-registered podiatrist