All Dentron products come complete with all essential accessories, with the exception of the Painaway (battery not supplied) and the Magnifying lamp (bulb not supplied). All models of the Biogun are supplied with black curly cords and self-adhesive electrode pads. If you want to use the wristband system you will have to purchase it separately.

Consumables, optional extras and spares can be ordered as follows.


Biogun emitters

Spare emitters for all models of the Biogun
Please give the serial number of your machine when ordering, as older machines will not accept the current pattern of emitters

Biogun electrode pads

Used with all models of the Biogun
Connected to the base unit by curly cords with 4 mm stud sockets

Curly cords (for Biogun electrode pads)

Used with all models of the Biogun
With 4 mm stud sockets to fit Biogun electrode pads. Price per pair.


Can be used (optionally) with all models of the Biogun
Connected to the base unit by curly cords with 10 mm stud sockets. Price per pair.

Curly cords (for wristbands)

Can be used (optionally) with all models of the Biogun
With 10 mm stud sockets to fit optional wristbands. Price per pair.

Painaway / FM electrode pads

The same self-adhesive electrode pads are used with both the Painaway electronic analgesic and the FM acupuncture stimulator
Fitted with integral wires and sockets for connection to the base unit

Biogun fuses

Rarely needed, but useful to have
To fit all models of the Biogun

Rechargeable PP3 battery

For use with the Painaway. Many customers buy two: one to use while the other is charging
Beware: various types of rechargeable PP3 batteries look the same but differ in performance. Do not use 'ordinary' rechargeable PP3s in the Painaway

Rechargeable PP3 battery charger

Recharges our PP3 batteries for use in the Painaway
Product may differ from that illustrated. WARNING: do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. The charger supplied will be a top-quality model specially designed to prolong the life of our rechargeable PP3 batteries. Cheaper chargers can be used, but at the risk of reducing overall battery life.