A professional-grade electronic analgesic for use during painful procedures.

The Painaway uses the well-known TENS principle (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to block pain messages from reaching the brain. According to the 'Gate' theory of pain, stimulating the large-diameter afferent nerve fibres (which mediate touch and pressure signals) with sufficient frequency and intensity 'closes the gate' to pain signals travelling along the small-diameter afferent nerve fibres.

Please note that this continuous-wave device is much more powerful than the TENS machines available over the counter or given to patients for home use.

The device is powered by a standard 9-volt 'PP3'-size battery (not supplied) - a long-life type is recommended. Alternatively, rechargeable batteries and a charger are available as optional extras. These are special batteries; 'normal' recherageble PP3s are not suitable.


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Supplied with a 'starter' pack of electrode pads and a chart showing the commonest electrode placements for the foot.