The so-called 'Superbug', Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, continues to haunt the consciousness of both the public and the scientific community - if only as a reminder of the ability of micro-organisms to develop resistance to 'chemical' antibiotics.

These reports and clinical studies demonstrate that MRSA is as susceptible as non-resistant strains to the 'physical' challenge of Biogun technology.

Experiments at the Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory show how the Biogun destroyed MRSA in vitro.

Further in vitro experiments by the Public Health Laboratory Service compare results between a non-resistant strain and two resistant strains of S. aureus, one a 'standard' and the other derived directly from a co-sited hospital.

But what of clinical practice? A pilot study at Manchester Royal Infirmary shows that Biogun technology eliminates MRSA from the majority of small diabetic foot ulcers. This report comes in two forms: a letter to the journal Diabetes Care and the original pilot study data.